being ablPerhpas Looking for the “best” high chair? 

The Chicco High Chair might be a great option for you.

What We Know About The Chicco High Chair

According to the manufacturer, the Chicco Polly High Chair is designed to be convenient, safe and flexible for use in a variety of situations. But let’s examine that a little further.

The official description reads:

“Multi-Position Adjustability

The convenient Polly® Highchair is packed with easy adjustability to comfortably accommodate growing children. A three-position reclining backrest with one-hand adjustment creates a comfortable space for younger babies who are still bottle feeding. Seven height positions and fold-away armrests make it easy to bring growing toddlers up to almost any table.

Compact & Convenient

For meals away from the table, a large tray snaps easily onto the armrests, then slides neatly onto the rear legs for storage. A removable tray liner and wipeable seat pad make cleanup a breeze, and four swivel wheels are easy to maneuver from room to room. A space-saving 8″ fold stows away conveniently for compact storage between meals.

·      Space-saving 8″ fold

·      3 recline positions

·      7 height adjustments

·      Fold-away armrests

·      Snap-on tray with easy one-hand removal

·      Removable tray liner

·      Tray storage on rear legs

·      Four swivel wheels

·      Padded, 5-point harness

·      Wipeable seat pad


For use up to 40 lbs”

Our Review:


Altogether this high chair gets a 5 star from us! We’ll talk more about why later, but first let’s take a look at what other people are saying and the pros and cons of the chair.

With a 4.5 star, over 500 ratings, and an Amazon favorite pick, the Chico High Chair is obviously going to pull in a strong positive rating. But here’s why it did so well.

The big advantage that everyone agrees on is the adjustability of the chair and the ability to fold it for storage. That makes it the perfect high chair for families with growing children who want a high chair that will last.  It’s also great for people who don’t have a lot of spare space in their house. After all,  we all know how bulky high chairs can be! The swivel wheels the chair has also makes it easy to use since you can decide where you want your kid and the stoppers on the wheels gives you the ease to move the chair as needed.

Beyond the flexibility and ability to use the high chair through many stages as your toddler grows, many of the features the chair offers are standard in other high chairs such as the tray attachment. The combination of all the features makes the chair highly rated, but there are a variety of negative reviews as well worth talking about.

First, one common complaint is that the leg rest has three stages of adjustment, but the straps just two. This is a problem for some parents as they feel that their baby isn’t safe enough in the chair.

Our Thoughts: While this high chair doesn’t feel as stable as our solid wood high chairs from the 90’s, it’s comparable to other popular high chairs today that we’ve tested while raising our 3 toddlers.

Another big problem that’s reported with this chair is its removable tray. While some users praise the ease of use, others complain that the tray doesn’t fasten well enough and falls on the floor at inopportune times. Users who love the easy removal feature of the tray have said that there is a specific way to put the tray in and out that might take time to figure out.

Our Thoughts: We’ve found the one-handed tray removal makes things easier, and we haven’t had problems with it falling off or noticed that there is a “specific way” to use the tray. It’s very similar to other one-handed trays we’ve used.

The last big complaint users of this high chair have is the ease of cleaning. While the manufacturer has positioned it as an easy to clean chair, many customers don’t agree. They suggest that the many crevices make it harder to clean. This is a problem created by both decorative stitching and the way the fabric has to be sewn on to allow the chair to take on so many positions and sizes. Many users say the chair is actually impossible to clean. One said the only time they felt the chair was clean was when they hosed it down outside. Other users don’t seem to have a problem with the cleaning.

Our Thoughts: This is the biggest problem for us. Although you can remove the seat for cleaning, the amount of time it takes to clean every crevice can be upwards of 20 minutes. And if you know how messy toddlers can be, you’ll know the amount of food they can stick places!


Would we recommend the Chicco high chair?

Overall, yes. Like I said, we have rated this chair a 5 star option. Even with its issues, it’s one of the best high chairs we’ve found on the market today. Perhaps this speaks for needing some innovation in the industry, but for now, this is a good option especially if being able to adjust the chair, or keep it for a long duration of time are important factors to you.  If you’re a clean freak, maybe double think this purchase.  We’re not too concerned with making the chair perfectly clean after every use, but if that need for sterility is important to you, I would try a different high chair.  Just remember you will sacrifice the adjustability to have a chair without any folds in the fabric.  The chair needs those folds to move, so it ultimately depends on your needs and preferences as to whether this is a good pick for you!